Diane Hamilton

Life Coach 

I learned to be mature in my communication. I am now able to see the bigger picture in me. I would recommend Life Coach Diane Hamilton. Diane did an amazing job. She was able to teach and communicate to me on my level.

Carman M


The session was very insightful. I never thought that id be interested in speaking with a life coach but I learned so much about myself in such a short period. I would recommend the services of DIANE HAMILTON to my friends, colleagues and family. I’m looking forward to my next session. 

Andrea M.


Diane helped me develop a plan to take back control of my life by using journaling and other methods. She encouraged me to watch the words I use to describe my circumstance and to eliminate the use of negative words. She also encouraged me to work toward my goals for starting my business and to remember that I am the most important person in my life. Diane was successful in helping me work toward creating a more peaceful attitude, life and environment. I would recommend Life Coach Diane Hamilton as often as possible.

Alison B


I've never had a Life Coach, however, the session I had with you was very illuminating. It was like having the thoughts in your head actually talking with you and asking you did you hear yourself! Diane, you listened and that's a skill not everyone has. It was nice to have someone actually listening and hearing you. I would definitely recommend you and have you as my Life Coach.

Crystal A


My take away was that I need to create specific goals to meet so I will be prepared for my big move to Cincinnati. I would recommend anyone to Life Coach Diane Hamilton she is very kind and listens very well.

Kadeem H


My take away was that I should be proactive in handling my issue. I need to process whatever paperwork that I have to process to take care of my situation. Basically take action to get the result that I want. I would recommend Diane Hamilton. She is non-judgmental and gives you an opportunity to have input in your own problem solving.

Nicole C.


The biggest take away for me has been to check my unconscious assumptions about activities. I remember Diane saying "If you think that it is going to be hard, then it will be hard. If you think it will be easy, it will be easy." She encouraged me to be aware of the energy that I am bringing and how influential that can be on outcomes. I would recommend Life Coach Diane Hamilton. I have spoken of the positive experience to a few friends of mine already. 

Mysha S